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Considering Quick Same Day Loans


Payday loans are an option of fast crediting by one of the loan-granting organizations located in your state. This is a type of emergency cash taken in the need of urgent bills payment.

What are the instant payday loans?

The main characteristics of a fast payday loan are:

  • they are given in cash

  • they are considered very fast, sometimes, taking only seconds to pre-approve the credit application

  • from smallest to small amounts of granted credits (from hundreds to a few thousand dollars, as a rule, with minor exceptions that could increase amounts)

  • they are costly, often being costlier than any other type of lending

  • same day payday loans online are given to a bank account of a borrower and can be used as cash, without controlling the purpose of lending, being given for ‘general’ purposes

  • this is the emergency money and it is not advisable to use it as a normal cash inflow because this money increases the credit burden

  • they are given for small terms, from days to no longer than several months.

What are the benefits of applying for an instant payday loan through Faaastcash?

Faaastcash is one of the oldest credit organizations on the market, operating over 10 years in various states. It is a financial intermediary, connecting borrowers to 100+ potential lenders, which results in an over 80% approval rate. Other benefits are:

  • quick 1-page application form

  • prompt consideration

  • same-day or next-day getting of money onto a bank account of a borrower.

Speed of instant payday loans online

Emergency money given to borrowers is granted within one banking day after the credit application is fully approved. Sometimes, this process only takes hours. In other cases – 2-3 working days (depending on the credit score of a borrower and time of application creation). Anyway, this is significantly faster than any traditional lending, which takes weeks or months.

Ease of getting bad credit loans instant decision

Bad credit is not a limiting factor for many lenders. They mostly consider the current financial situation of a person, the absence of other acting fast-cash loans, and income (its stability and size). 

Few requirements for instant money loan

A borrower has to correspond to only a few humble requirements in order to be able to qualify for quick cash:

  • be of legal age (18 or 21)

  • have a residential address in one of the states

  • have a valid bank account (which serves as the money recipient)

  • be officially employed at the moment of the loan request

  • not to have other un-closed fast-cash loans

  • not to have a completely depleted card overdraft.

About 80% of applicants receive a positive lending decision within several minutes after they apply (it is done through the Internet). 

Create a good credit rating with instant cash loans online now

If a person decides to improve own credit history and rating, it is advisable to apply for an instant loan. After repaid, it improves the score. 

How to get quick cash with an immediate payday loan

Most modern lending companies in the US work online. In Faaastcash, for instance, it is only enough to fulfill a simple application form and to wait for a decision. If approved, a borrower is contacted by one of the lenders, cooperating with the company. All lenders are officially licensed to do what they do.

Quick payday loans online: conclusion

Applying for a quick cash loan is easy and swift – in addition to the possibility to do it online. However, this financial tool has to be used only as an emergency solution because of not a low rate. 

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